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Radian IAS Academy

# 711, PH Road, NSK- Nagar, Opp - Anna Arch, Arumbakkam, Chennai -600106

#4B, Kovalan Nagar 4th St, Near TVS Nagar, Palanganatham, Madurai

Contact : 98404-00825 | 98403-98093 | 98404-33955 | r.rajaboopathy@gmail.com

Online Class

நேரடியாக வகுப்புக்கு வர முடியாதவர்கள் ஒரு சில வகுப்புகளை இலவசமாக LIVE/RECORDING மூலமாக MOBILE, LATOP வழியாக 24/7 காண, Fill this form

நாங்கள் இந்தியாவிலேயே முதன் முறையாக ஆன்லைன் வகுப்புகளை 2009 முதல் நடத்திக் கொண்டு உள்ளோம் - எங்கள் ஆன்லைன் வகுப்புகளால் பலடைந்த தேர்வர்கள் ஏராளம்.

First Time in INDIA, since 2004 RADIAN IAS ACADEMY is conducting every classes conducted here at CHENNAI Institute also streaming  LIVE ONLINE.





  • All the ONLINE CLASSES are crystal Clear LIVE Audio and Video(Optional) Classes & Lesser FEE. You can always attend one or two ONLINE Classes for FREE.
  •  To attend ONLINE Classes you should have just a valid email ID.
  •  If you miss any of the class then you can watch those class recorded any time(24x7).
  •  ONLINE students receive all materials and Test Papers & Magazines in pdf. 
  •  You can save travelling Time & Very useful for the long distance students. 
  •  Students interact without hesitation in online classes, the questions are answered instantly by the faculty members.
  •  All TNPSC Classes are in Bi-Lingual, UPSC and BANK Classes only in English.
  •   You can pay by EITHER by ONLINE TRANSFER (or) CASH REMITTANCE (If you pay CASH at BANK's Counter, then Add Rs.100 Extra) Account details Below, immediately after the payment please send a mail to us  (r.rajaboopathy@gmail.com)


To Attend ONLINE Classes you should possess the following.

  • Your Internet Speed should be at least 256 kbps. (Better if it is 512 kbps); Even some students are attending class in mobiles.
  •  Suppose if your internet speed is slow and the faculty member's voice is breaking then you can stop the video and listen the audio only.
  •  You should have latest Mozilla Firefox Browser or Internet Explorer(IE 9 or Above) or Google Chrome.(All Freely Available). 
  • You must have a latest Adobe Flash Player & Java.(Freely Available). 
  • You should have a Speaker (or) Head set.